What gentle dream?

Taz's Field Notes: When It Comes to Train Rides, You Clearly Get What You Pay For

Day 1.

The train ride was a bit more interesting than expected. I seem to have obtained some companions, all of whom seem quite delightful.

Companion #1-
Cedric: Assigned to my compartment. Paladin, seems very well-bred and cultured, although somewhat odd-looking. Well-dressed. Contents of bags: Healer’s kit, sunrods, assorted sundries, nothing terribly out of the ordinary. Quite a friendly fellow. Potential weaknesses: Seems somewhat naive.

Train did not depart immediately. Inquiries revealed that it was because the superstitious prescient conductor did not wish to depart without his lucky silver bell. Cedric went to inquire, reported back promptly. One point to Cedric for efficiency.

Some time later. Train departed without finding the bell in question. Manufactured: One (1) extract of Keen Senses, promptly consumed. Effects most invigorating. Went on to explore train cars and meet several other individuals.

Companion #2-
Garreth: Met in conversation in the hallway. Quite an attractive man. One point for Garreth. Human, barbaric fighter of sorts. Did not appear to have any valuable possessions, although I did not get the chance to search his bags. Potential weaknesses: Doesn’t seem to be all that bright.

Companion #3-
Pneu: Also met in conversation in the hallway, was in the same compartment as Garreth. Lovely young lady. One point to Pneu. Very quiet. Does not appear to be human or other recognized race, further study needed. Potential weaknesses: Cannot take very many hits without injury.

Companion #4-
Emerged during conversation with Pneu and Garreth. Human, clearly not used to adventuring. Very excitable and talkative. Cute kid. Quite determined. :) Judging by the look of her, does not own anything valuable. Potential weaknesses: Naive, stubborn.

Headed for dining car. Anna introduced us all to her “friend” Deth, who did not seem all that thrilled by her company.

Companion #5-
Met in dining car. Irritable gentleman, human, VERY pretty. One point to Deth. Gunslinger by trade, will have to inquire about his gunpowder supplier. Most likely has valuables in possession, but did not get a chance to verify. Potential weaknesses: Pride.

Ate wonderful meal. Observation: Anna has no table manners, not raised in well-to-do family. Cedric has impeccable manners, clearly brought up wealthy, although his luggage does not particularly show it. Also met nice man and his daughter. Not carrying anything valuable, although the girl was very attached to her doll.

Train sped up, obviously not normal. Went to investigate, found conductor’s door rusted shut. Garreth and Cedric could not budge it. Even my bombs couldn’t break it. Heard from one of the train’s staff that the conductor was sure that the bell protected the train from something. Resolved to search. Before we could get started, heard screams from dining car. Backtracked. Found pugwampi terrorizing the car’s occupants and flinging shit everywhere. (Not a figure of speech.)

Deth and I left the others the job of containing them and set off to search for the bell. Anna accompanied us after capturing one of the creatures. One point to Deth for good sense. One point to Anna for good sense. Search uneventful until we reached the kitchen. Stumbled upon an evil imp who flung soup at me. It disappeared before I could kill it, only to reappear in the next room with two compatriots who were trying to destroy a bell. Aha! Deth distracted them with bullets while I retrieved the bell. One point to Deth for excellent shooting. They did not like it when I rang the bell at them. Clearly the conductor was onto something after all.

After meeting up with the others again, we continued on to the conductor’s car to try the door again. Cedric had obtained a doll, apparently from the little girl in the dining car. Examination proved it to be an ordinary doll, nothing valuable. This time, the door opened easily. More malicious imps in conductor’s car, attacking conductor. As feared, caused bad luck. Made my bombs miss twice, still managed to do some damage. One point to Garreth for quick reflexes.

Summary of fight:
Two points to Garreth for kicking ass.
One point to Pneu for kicking ass.
One point to Pneu for continuing to fight while badly injured.
Two points to Cedric for excellent healing.
One point to Deth for ringing that bell superbly.
One point to Anna for effort.

I stabilized the conductor and Cedric brought him back to consciousness. He returned to his task of driving the train, just in time to save us all from certain destruction. Deth and I negotiated terms for our services with him. One point to Deth for excellent negotiation skills.

We rested until arrival at the station. In the morning, prepared four (4) bombs and one (1) extract of cure light wounds, promptly consumed. Feel much better. Agreed to form party with the others. On the whole, potential usefulness outweighs having to split fees obtained.

In summary.
Status of companions-
Deth: Usefulness- 3 points. Entertainment value- 2 points.
Garreth: Usefulness- 3 points. Entertainment value- 1 point.
Pneu: Usefulness- 2 points. Entertainment value- 1 point.
Cedric: Usefulness- 3 points.
Anna: Usefulness- 1 point. Entertainment value- 2 points.

Money obtained- 260 gold for services rendered to the Lightning Rail.
Items obtained- None. :( Nothing worth taking on the bodies of the pugwampi and assorted imps.

Day 1: Success.
Day 2: Pending.


Figures the pretty boys get the most points.-smiley-


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