What gentle dream?

Taz: Whatever We're Getting Into, It's Bound to Be Out of Everyone Else's Depth


Still waiting for Col. Boring. I hope he has what he promised me, or there’s going to be trouble~ :) No, really. Trouble. I keep my word when I give it, and I expect other people to do the same. Unless something prevents me from doing so. Or a better offer comes along. Or something else seems more entertaining. Or I get bored. But most of the time I keep it. Better for business that way.

I wonder how long I’ll last like this before I have to disappear. Deconstruct Taesaria, leave someone else in her place. Impeccable. I’ve lost track of the vanishings by now.

Dawn. Sun rising, streaking the sky with red and gold. Bored. Still.

Wait. What is that? A flier…

An invitation. A new adventure! New people! And they want me; I’ve seen the flier. It says ‘Dear Taz, we have something fun for you to do.’

Unless it wasn’t the flier. It might have been a whisper in my ear. It might have been the shadows that told me, curling around me like cats. It might have been a dream. Who knows what the truth is?

Oh, well~ What does it matter, anyway~?



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