What gentle dream?

Taz: It'd Be a Lot Easier to Trust You People If You'd Just Tell Me All Your Secrets

Early morning. Prepared four (4) bombs, one (1) cure light wounds potion, and one (1) shield extract. Examined the jewels and ingots found in the mine. Jewels identified. One garnet (~25g) and two rubies (~50g each) :) Ingots identified. Rare material known as byeshk. HOT DAMN. Weapons made of the material go for about 1500 more than normal. Gave that sword to Gareth. Regret. Oh well, at least these should be worth a pretty penny.

Went shopping before we set out on the train again. Purchased: two (2) cure light wounds potions. 50 gold each. :( On the bright side, my rash was better when I woke up~ Seems to have had no lasting effects.

I decided to room with Deth on the train. I always like a bit of scenery on my travels. ;) Besides, I figured it would give me a chance to talk to him about the stone that everyone thinks is so damn important. Didn’t get a whole lot out of him, though. Somehow, Pneu got her hands on a conductor’s uniform and went around checking everyone’s tickets. Don’t know what her game is, but 1 entertainment point to Pneu. She was cute in that outfit~ I hoped to examine Deth’s stone while he was out of the compartment, but he takes it with him everywhere he goes. I wonder if he bathes with the thing. Further study is needed.

Lunch. A fine meal. Unfortunately, it was interrupted all too soon by a mysterious man who called himself Shale Zzxktkzzzkkt. I didn’t like the look of him. He wanted to negotiate with us for that stone of Deth’s—how the hell did he even know we had it, anyway? Did that dragon tip him off? Or has he been watching us for some creepy reason? Disapproval. He took out a ruby the size of my head and offered it in exchange for the stone.

At first I was all for it. I mean, DAMN, that thing was big. At least a couple thousand worth of beautiful, shiny goodness. And it would get whoever’s after the stone off our backs and onto his. Deth didn’t seem inclined to give up the stone, but that sort of thing can be worked around. But that Shale character didn’t exactly seem like the sort to strike an honest bargain, if you know what I mean. More likely to make the trade with a smile, then have our throats cut the next time we weren’t watching. He said he came from Leng—where is that? Further study is needed. He wasn’t too inclined to tell us WHY he wanted the stone that everyone’s so damn interested in. I mean, it could be decently valuable, but REALLY? Not worth this amount of effort, from what I can tell. Just a glowing white rock. Don’t suppose Deth would let me get close enough to the thing to actually determine what it’s worth.

The negotiations didn’t go much of anywhere, since Deth wasn’t being agreeable. One entertainment point to Cederic for being patronizing to Shale McSneakypants. Then things got ugly. A bunch of warforged burst in, no doubt summoned by our good friend Shale. Drank shield extract. I wasn’t too worried until one of them took out Deth in one hit. OUCH. That looked like it hurt. Good thing it didn’t mess up that face of his. That would have been so unfortunate~ I couldn’t really get close enough to help him, so I was going to bomb old McSneakypants into oblivion (ruby would remain undamaged). BUT THE BASTARD DISAPPEARED. Not disappeared as in ran out the door; disappeared as in poof. WHAT THE HELL. This damn stone is starting to be way more trouble than it’s worth. I used a bomb on one of the warforged, but I had to aim it behind him to avoid hitting Deth or Garreth. It’s rough having people around that you CAN’T hit. Meanwhile, Cederic and Pneu were getting all the civilians out of the way so we could focus on the fight. I bombed another one to great effect! Unfortunately, that made me a target. :( It would have landed it a hit on me if it wasn’t for the shield extract I’d taken. Note: Shield extract was a GOOD DECISION.

Luckily for me, Anna picked that moment to sticky-foot the warforged. One usefulness point to Anna. I used another bomb, but missed and blew a hole in the side of the train. Waste of a bomb. :( AND PNEU LOOTED THE FANCY-LOOKING ARMOR BEFORE ME! NOOOOOOO! DDD: – 1 usefulness point to Pneu. I examined the others, but one of them was still on fire—thanks Anna—and the others only had weapons that were grafted onto their arms. Bah. Well, there was nothing too good on the bodies anyway, unless Pneu was hiding something from me. Possible. It’s hard to get a read on her sometimes. But she did agree to give me the crossbow that she found. HOORAY, A WEAPON BETTER THAN KNIVES. -1 usefulness point retracted. She found a note on the warforged’s sword that said to get the stone and leave no survivors. WELL IF THAT ISN’T OMINOUS AS HELL.

After the fight, we all retired back to our rooms. I talked to Deth a bit more. Still not getting a whole lot of information out of him. :( We commiserated about not being able to get out of this. Seems Garreth kept him from taking off last night. How, I don’t know, but Deth turned an lovely lovely shade of red when I inquired~ Ohohoho? Wouldn’t have thought he swung that way~~~ * smirk * Deth did say that the symbol on the warforged wasn’t a recognized one. Meaning, someone’s illegally making new warforged. Fan-fucking-tastic. (I think Garreth’s rubbing off on me. Thought patterns have become more vulgar of late.) There was a commotion in the hallway—something about Pneu not having a place to sleep because Anna’s got warforged parts all over their room and Cederic’s a prude. Don’t know where Garreth was on that—his loss, my gain~ Got to snuggle with Pneu all night. AW HELL YEAH.

Next day. Morning.
Prepared: Three (3) bombs. One (1) cure light wounds potion. (Stocking up.) One (1) shield extract, since that was the best decision I made yesterday. Garreth inquired about my bombs at breakfast, so I explained their construction to him. :) Pneu seemed to enjoy the lecture as well. One entertainment point to Pneu. At the station, purchased: 50 bolts for my new crossbow, 5g. Four (4) alchemist’s fire, 80g. Five (5) acid, 50g. Tried to find a buyer for my gems, but these rubes all offered way less than they were worth. Screw that. I’ll wait until we get to a bigger city. Cederic thought he could do better, but he doesn’t seem to get along well with the townsfolk at all. The shopkeeper threw rocks at him. Maybe he had something against paladins.

Anna vanished for a bit, then returned with a new friend: a very drunk wizard who wanted to find a bard. Anna seemed a bit tipsy herself—BUYING ANNA DRINKS IS A BAD IDEA, OLD MAN! I sang him a song that he liked, then he walked away shouting something about a dolphin. One entertainment point to Anna.

The train doesn’t go all the way to Flamehold, so we hired a carriage. Deth had a present from Garreth: a necklace. DAMN, Garreth moves fast. * whistle * I teased him about it. :D Garreth helped. One entertainment point to Garreth. After that I worked on schematics for new explosive devices. The ride was going pretty smoothly. We were making good time to Flamehold, when suddenly I noticed that there was a dog following us. Not ordinarily threatening, but what with everything that’s been going on…

We stopped the carriage because Garreth said he had to answer a call of nature. (Honestly, Garreth, it’s not that hard to pee out a window.) THEN HE WANDERED OFF. WHAT THE HELL, GARRETH. EXPLORING THE SPOOKY COUNTRYSIDE ON YOUR OWN AT NIGHT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. -1 usefulness point to Garreth. Deth and Cederic and I went after him while Pneu stayed with the carriage and Anna, who was asleep inside it. Garreth just burst right into this random farmhouse! REALLY? Scared the hell out of the people who lived there. Then he walked back outside like nothing had happened. O_o

THEN WE WERE ATTACKED BY THESE HORRIFYING DOG-HUMAN CREATURE THINGS. I tried out my new crossbow. Not very good at it yet. Further practice is needed. Bolts used: 1. One of those things smacked Cederic down pretty good. Garreth and Deth killed the two creatures that were on us, then went into the house to kill the one that had gone in there. I managed to save Cederic’s ass. I knew reading all those first aid manuals would come in handy~ Had to pour a potion down his throat to get him up. :(

And then Pneu, who I’d thought had been safely around the carriage, came out of the darkness fighting another one of the things! It smacked her down, and I had to go help her. I bombed the hell out of the thing, although I had to aim behind it because I didn’t want to hit Pneu.

AND THEN. Out of nowhere, the carriage comes barreling toward us. Anna had woken up and somehow GOTTEN THE HORSES TO HEAD STRAIGHT FOR US. Guess she knows how to drive a carriage. SHE RAMMED RIGHT INTO THE MONSTER WITHOUT HITTING PNEU AT ALL. HOT DAMN THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE. Killed the monster straight out. HOLY SHIT. TWO entertainment points and TWO usefulness points to Anna.

Alas, our coachman had lost his life in the battle. We gave him a good send-off, though. We lit him on fire with the torch and then I used another bomb to send him on his way. A funeral worthy of a king. All was not lost, though, since Anna CLEARLY knows how to drive the carriage. We set off again, post-haste, in case there were more things coming after us. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the sooner we get to Flamehold, the better. (May need to utilize Tais again. He’ll be able to get information far more readily than my merry alchemist.)

Garreth isn’t saying why he decided to wander off, but he looks scared as hell. I haven’t seen him this wobbly since we talked to that dragon. I don’t know what happened when he went in that house, but SOMETHING sure flipped his shit. Even though I tried my best to get him to talk, he didn’t explain. Further inquiry needed. Persistence, persistence, persistence.

The closer we get to Flamehold, the less I like this. We’ve got this stone that everyone and their grandma seems to be after for some damn reason, some creepy prophecy hanging over our heads, and there are too many damn secrets floating around the whole business. Now Deth AND Garreth seem to have something to hide. Damn it all, the only one with secrets around here is supposed to be me. Poxy hell in a handbasket. I’m supposed to be the one who KNOWS the secrets. People don’t get to have secrets from me. It’s not part of the contract. It’s not…done. Makes me feel crawly. Uncomfortable-like.

Something about this is going to have to change. Soon.

Money obtained: None. :(
Loot obtained: 1 crossbow.

Ranking of companions:
Anna: Usefulness- 3 points. Entertainment value- 3 points.
Pneu: Entertainment value- 2 points
Cederic: Entertainment value- 1 point
Deth: Status unchanged.
Garreth: Usefulness- – 1 points. Entertainment value- 1 point.

Ranking totals to date:
Anna: Usefulness- 5 points. Entertainment value- 5 points.
Pneu: Usefulness- 4 points. Entertainment value- 4 points.
Cederic: Usefulness- 6 points. Entertainment value- 1 point.
Deth: Usefulness- 7 points. Entertainment value- 3 points.
Garreth: Usefulness- 3 points. Entertainment value- 2 points.

Days 3/4.
In summary: Still alive. Success.
Day 5: Pending.



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