What gentle dream?

Pneumonia: Tommy J.

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Thomas Joffel. Tommy loved horses and horses loved Tommy. By the time Tommy was ten, he was the best equestrian and groomer in his town. Everyone would always take their horses to Tommy, so he could brush them and clean them and feed them. The horses would work extra hard after visiting Tommy because they were so happy. At first Tommy was happy too, but Tommy had a dream; his dream was to travel the countryside and meet all sorts of different people. When Tommy turned fifteen he left his home and set out to find work in the big city. Tommy worked for fifteen long years until he finally saved up enough to buy his own carriage. He knew in his heart it was time for his life to begin. One day as Tommy was driving his carriage a man approached him with a panicked look on his face and said,“sir, I should like to hire your carriage for my wife is having a baby, the next town over.” Tommy graciously agreed to help the man. His carriage galloped down the road with great haste until it came upon a terrible accident. An overturned carriage had caught fire and its passengers injured. Tommy said, “quick, get those people aboard and I shall turn back to town with them!” So, the driver, Tommy, and the man put the injured into the carriage and raced back to the town doctor. The doctor thanked Tommy for his help and told him that thanks to his efforts the passengers would live. Tommy looked to his concerned passenger and said,“don’t worry there is still time.” The carriage moved like a tornado on the plains. It pulled up to the man’s house just in time for him to see his son born. The man turned to Tommy and asked,“good sir you have done this great service, to whom do I give my thanks?” To this Tommy replied, “you may call me coachman.” For seven years Tommy worked as a coachman, until one day six strange individuals asked him for a ride. That day Tommy died, eaten by a strange dog, burned, then exploded. Rest in pieces Mr. Coachman…

Well, my day was eventful. I feel that danger seeks to follow these people around. It is all that stone’s fault. It started all this. The big warforged brutes attacked the passengers I was trying to service, because of that stone. I was the best conductor until they showed up. Cedric was nice enough to make me feel better by giving me his potion. He reminds me a bit of Ossu; he takes everything very seriously. He won’t even share a bed, how silly. Sleeping with Taz is like sleeping with a wild animal though, she grabs and claws and bites, but if you hold her tight she calms down. Despite the train fiasco, the carriage ride was nice. Poor Tommy. At least until Gareth had to urinate. Next time I’m not letting them stop the carriage. There were these strange wolves, one went down really easy, but the other took three arrows and was barely phased. That one almost got me. That is the third time I messed up. I have to get better, for her sake. I also have to keep an eye on Gareth he seems to be out of it. If I let him and Cedric fight they’ll likely kill each other. If Ossu’s teas don’t work I may have to try Ressi’s method for calming loud men, but I don’t think that would work either, they have really hard heads. If only Sars was here she could use her Wind to calm everyone. Hmmm… maybe there is a way.



Pneumonia: Tommy J.


Pneumonia: Tommy J.

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