What gentle dream?

Pneumonia: New friends

Today, I rode the train. It was amazing! It moved so fast it was like walking through a tornado. Eldest sister Sarrarra would have loved it. It wasn’t all good though. There were these things the one called Taz said were Gremlins. I was careless and got hurt pretty bad. I still have much more practice if I’m going to be as good as master Ewhoo, he would have been fast enough to take them all on by himself. I really should have been more careful, but my new friend Garreth was in trouble and I didn’t want to lose a new friend just after making it. There are so many kinds of people around I had no idea there were so many different kinds. The ones I’m with seem nice enough, but it is hard to understand them when I can not hear their wind. Most of them aren’t entirely honest accept for the noisy girl Anna and Cedric the nobleman. They seemed to get along well though. I’m glad.


She is just so nice.

Pneumonia: New friends

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