What gentle dream?

Cedric: Entry 2

It has been an arduous two days. While traveling on the lightning rail again, we were approached by a stranger who called himself “Shale”. His full name was too long to pronounce or write; I don’t recognize the language. He was dressed oddly with an appearance that seemed to constantly shift. Simply his presence made my skin crawl… He was pushy and all-around unsavory. I know the mercantile type, so I politely suggested that he leave, as none of us (particularly Deth) were interested in trading with him at the moment. He wasn’t particularly happy with this, however he left as soon as a group of warforged arrived, the leader calling herself “Warmonger 3” and taunting us by claiming we were useless bags of flesh. I wonder if they were after Deth’s stone as well. Is it really that valuable?

The unfortunate part about killing warforged is that they don’t bleed. They are, however, worthy opponents and keeping the civilians in the car safe while we fought was challenging. Pneu was especially helpful in assisting me keep the civilians safe, and Gareth showed himself capable as ever in battle. Ultimately there were no unwanted casualties, although Deth and a civilian both came close. Pneu retrieved a fine long sword from Warmonger 3 and gave it to me; I later learned it had a minor magical enchantment. It was very considerate of her to gift me with it, and I appreciate it greatly.

I did not, however, appreciate her asking to share a bed with me. It’s hardly proper for two people who hardly know one another to share so intimate a space, allies or not! Although it’s understandable that she would ask to share the room with Gareth and I, given that hers was littered with warforged parts, I had offered to take the floor and give her the bed entirely. It really would have been no trouble. Fortunately Taz offered to share her bed with her instead, which was only slightly more proper, but an improvement nonetheless.

The remainder of the night was uneventful, and we went shopping once the train arrived; I took the opportunity to have my new sword appraised and to purchase more potions. I attempted to help Taz find a buyer for her gem stones, but I must have offended them somehow, as it ended with them throwing rocks at me. Lovely.

Next time I believe we will have to keep a closer eye on Anna, as we found her drunk and rambling with a wizard about something called a “Bard Box”. Although I must admit, the idea is intriguing… I could certainly understand the existence of (an admittedly small) market for one. I enjoy listening to her ideas for new devices.

After we found Anna we rented a carriage. Anna fell asleep on me, but I assumed the hangover cure Taz gave her would help with things when she woke up. Some time after the sun set Taz, Pneu and I noticed a dog following us. Shortly after mentioning this Gareth claimed he needed to get out to relieve himself. Perfectly understandable, but for the fact that shortly after he ran off towards a farm house unannounced. He seemed gravely upset about something, but that’s no excuse for simply separating oneself from the rest of the group. Even the greenest foot soldiers know to work with their peers.

Myself, Taz, and Deth followed after, leaving Neu and the still-sleeping Anna in the carriage with the driver. This later proved to be a mistake. Gareth did not hesitate to burst into the house, scaring the family and eventually attracting these undead, dog-like creatures. I’m not certain what they were, although I know they were evil and enjoyed the taste of flesh—it seemed to heal them when they ate it. Unfortunately I was knocked unconscious by one of them, and it wasn’t until Taz applied first aid and gave me a potion that I was able to return to battle. (I believe I caught a slight illness from this, as the next morning I was sore and felt vaguely, mildly ill). By the time I had been restored to consciousness all the creatures been killed save for one, which it seems Anna killed by running over with a carriage. I did not see it, as I was otherwise occupied by calming the family down, but I certainly heard the commotion it caused. I must admit I’m impressed by her ability to improvise. However, it was too late to have saved the carriage driver. I can’t help but think that if we had actually been prepared and known even slightly what we were going into—if we had even devised so much as a semblance of strategy!—he may have lived. Gareth and Taz gave him a proper (I use the term loosely) burial but it hardly atones for what happened. An innocent man is dead because Gareth refused to communicate with the rest of us, and I will not tolerate this happening again.



Cedric: Entry 2

He’s going to start growing the mandatory paladin stick at this rate :’D

Cedric: Entry 2

I’m surprised it has taken this long for a fight to break out.

Cedric: Entry 2

Me too, now that you mention it… Although him and Gareth did bond the first time over killing things, and I wasn’t around for the second session. That probably has something to do with it.

Cedric: Entry 2

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