What gentle dream?

Anna: Giddyup y'all!

The Lightnin’ Train travels went as they normally do, ah even got ta learn a thing or three with that conductor fellow. The Rail Gun is now a possibility!
Made a pipe t’day, but ah gave it away. Feller looked like he could have used a pick me up what with all that blood he lost.
Talked to a nice Magic Man when the Lightnin’ Train arrived at our location! He gave me some booze, not very good stuff. Nuthin’ a little Apple Cider don’ fix right nice though.
Ah learned that muh Bard Box can be made! Happy day! Two new projects!
Ah think ah had a bit to much ta drink, ended up fallin’ asleep on the carriage. Woke up ta what sounded like Christmas at Auntie Amys house, turned out it was just the Carriage driver being torn apart by a dog. Ah Tried to help, but could not get ta him in time. Ran the pesky Dog over like a frog in a cornfield during harvest season though! Seems ah missed somethin’. Everyone seems so tense.
Ah well, ah apparently now own a Carriage. Which means that the Carriage Balista can begin! Three whole new projects!


That link is great, I particularly enjoyed the Lego Falcon and their book shelf.

Anna: Giddyup y'all!

I fucking love banjoes, props to whoever put up that music.

Anna: Giddyup y'all!

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