What gentle dream?

?: Eyes in the Dark, Eyes in the Dreams

My dreams are becoming more erratic, more intense, and worse…more frequent. I wish this was my primary concern, but something more sinister has been floating just out if my minds reach. I shall go into that later, I need to record what I recall of the previous night’s vision.

A bright flash of light and a rockslide. Lightning struck. The Man-who-is-not-a-Man carries blood in his hands. He reaches out for something. He wants it…he needs it.

Steel conducts lightning. Blood makes her gears turn. She doesn’t ask, she simply takes…all in the name of her false prophet. She wants the soft ones to bleed.

An angry woman points at the stars, cursing. A dog howls. A curse falls.

Through-out all these chaotic images…I felt like I was being watched. It was an odd sensation. I felt like something could see me…something that didn’t like being able to see me. Something that hated me. It felt like something else was dreaming of me…and I wasn’t a good dream. I know how that sounds….

When I awoke the feeling of malevolence had passed…but I think someone else might have been in my room. Someone else may be watching me too…



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