“Guys, not ending this war would be kalashtar-ed.” -Anna

I am now imagining Lindsey vomiting music notes. Thank you, Travis. (Also the music is great!)

I have no memory of this place.

So it has been a while since I actually used Obsidian Portal. Anyway, while at work I decided to try out a new station on Pandora radio. And man, the results were pretty awesome.

Step 1: Go to Pandora and create a station with the song “Devour” by Shinedown.
Step 2: Listen and watch as the songs mesh so perfectly with the party.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Sex.

Lindsey threw up some examples I found, for instance.

Gareth has one ‘R.’

I’ve been spelling it wrong.

All this time.


Or Garreth doesn’t know how to spell his own name.

Knowing him, I’d go with that XD

(Though factually speaking his namesake does indeed only have one “R”)

Note: I found what is wrong with Anna. http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=13795416

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The Captain added to characters.
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fahrezz’Ress added to Characters
Unknown Agency changed to The Dreaming Dark
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Found a better picture for Shale.
Added Shel Lupescu to characters.
From the Master of Winds, we bring you site updates!

Shale’dztxit and Warmonger have been updated.
The Lord of Blades, Nadine, High Cardinal Krozen, an ???? have all been added.
Feel free to add any information or character opinions on them

The Dream Stone is updated.
The Mad Stone, The Key, The Diadem articles created

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Power groups section added (again, add anything you like to it, character opinions are welcome)
Church of the Flame, The Blade Alliance, Shale and his Tentacle-friends, and Unknown Agency added to Power groups.

The Mournlands added.

Howdy y’all! Anna here hopin’ y’all find this here website useful! I reckon it will be mighty so what with all o us be’in a big happy family now! ~with love

I don’t think you should play around here Anna, you might get into to trouble. This place is for the Master of Winds to tell people about what happens around here. -P.W. ~with hugs

I’m inclined to agree with Neu. It would be best if we all refrained from altering sections beyond what is explicitly allowed us. -Cederic ~with regard

Screw the rules. Do what ya want Anna and have fun doin it. -Gareth ~with kisses

I’d like to point out that we weren’t told not to. Might as well claim more ground for ourselves. -deth’Ruki ~xoxoxo

How did you know what we are all thinking Taz? Can you read minds? I once thought I could read minds, but it was my sisters playing a joke on me. -P.W.

Oh, no! I’m not supposed to write here I’m sorry! -P.W.

It’s all right, Pneu. The Master of Winds forgives you….~

What gentle dream?

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