The Warmonger Series

(the bitch) Death to the Flesh-bound Ones!


A towering female-personality warforged. She has an adamantine body and always seems equipped with a magical blade. The mark on her forehead indicates that she is an illegally created warforged.


Warmonger 3 (4, and so on) is a particularly violent warforged. She seeks the item you acquired in the Starpeaks, and intends to spill as much blood as she can while searching for it. Her personality leaves much to be desired; she has proven hot-headed, angry, stubborn and quite able to hold a grudge.

She has re-appeared in a camp in the Mournland, acting as a sub-general for a much larger warforged. After escaping again, it is only a matter of time before Warmonger 5 shows her face.

According to Shale, she serves the Lord of Blades who seems to be some sort of warforged messiah. They seek the diadem in hopes of creating a machine ‘God’.

Gareth gets to kill her next —Cedric
Thanks Ced, you’re a pal. —Gareth

The Warmonger Series

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