The Captain

of the Crimson Ship


A mysterious otherworldly seaman who offered the party passage on his vessel for an odd price: Fight one battle for me.

Not very talkative, but neither is he unpleasant. He seems to hint a great ‘game’ he is playing but always trails off when pressed for details on his motives or the games rules or goals. He seems to take great interest in his passengers well being and is a courteous (if quiet) host. His ship is entirely crew-less, seeming to be controlled by telepathy or other magical means by the Captain. He is also able to magically repair his ship.

Despite being a Daemon, the Captain does not radiate evil. He also has taken pains to see to the safely of his passengers (except for possibly while they ‘pay their fare’) and also seemed to lead them to treasures he knew they would be able to use…

A fine example that one’s blood is not their destiny. -Cedric


The Captain

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