Taesaria "Taz" Amadre

Female alchemist/rogue, chaotic neutral


Str: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 13
Int: 16
Wis: 16
Cha: 18

HP: 16
AC: 13, Touch: 11, Flat-footed: 12
Initiative: +1

Fortitude: 3
Reflex: 7
Will: 1

Bomb x4 (per day)
Light crossbow
Dagger, punching
Dagger x4

Available extracts:
1st level-
Ant Haul, Bomber’s Eye, Comprehend Languages, Crafter’s Fortune, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Undead, Disguise Self, Endure Elements, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Identify, Jump, Keen Senses, Negate Aroma, Reduce Person, Shield, Stone Fist, Touch of the Sea, True Strike

Special abilities:
Alchemy, Bomb, Brew Potion, Mutagen, Throw Anything, Sneak Attack +1d6, Skilled Liar (bonus on bluff = +1/2 of rogue level, min. 1)

1196 gold, 20 silver
3 dirty gems: 1 garnet, 2 rubies Sold in Flamehold
2 necklaces
4 ingots of a bluish-green metal (byeshk)
1 crossbow


Who has a past? No one has a past. We are all who we create ourselves, each and every moment.

I have been a thief and a saint, a pirate and a prophet and a priest. I have slept in alleys and palaces, written poems to make an emperor cry. I have lost more money than most people earn in a lifetime and spent that night laughing. I have searched for hours among the compounds to create the perfect draught. I have spoken to the shadows and danced on the sun. I am what I do, and darling, I. Will. Do. Everything.

And I love you, whoever you are, even if we have not met. Because somehow, in some way, you are going to help me. You just don’t know it yet.

When They Come For Me
Pressing Flowers

Exploits- Critical Hits

Ventilated Threw a dagger that left a nasty hole in a Jinkin. 6 damage, and 4 non-lethal damage.

Exploits- Critical Misses

All Thumbs Spent a turn juggling a bomb, then lost DEX bonus to ranged attacks for 3 rounds.

Taesaria "Taz" Amadre

What gentle dream? Satchan