Warforged skulk


A warforged hunter with a dark cloak and a crossbow. His mark matched Warmonger’s.

Later when he encountered the party in Xendrik, he informed them of the upgraded Warmonger’s presence, and encouraged them to seek her out before she destroyed Stormreach in her search for them.


A particularly sneaky warforged encountered in the Mournlands. He was smart enough to surrender, but Cedric set him free before any information could be gained on him. Not even his name was learned.

Goddammit Cedric, we need to have a talk. By which I mean my gun in your face and me talking at you. -Omni-present Deth

I’d advise against that method of diplomacy. -Meta!Cedric

I swear if I’m the one that has to play babysitter to you two I’m crackin your skulls together. —Meta!Gareth


What gentle dream? PhibbyRizo