Shel Lupescu



A country girl who caught the attentions of our dear paladin. Met in the town of Ravenmoor, she was crowned ‘festival queen’ and later took to bed with Cedric to celebrate.

Unfortunately, this town’s festival had a darker purpose and Shel lured Cedric in to be the next sacrifice. Much about her history and motives are unknown, but she has shown a hint of remorse for her actions.

Would be a nice girl, aside from all that sacrificing.

She met the party again in Arenal, having apparently been taken in by Xavian and his sister and turned from her cultish ways. Cedric has since forgiven her and she is now traveling with the group. It’s caused problems already.

Well played, sweetheart. Well played. -Taz

FEELINGS. -Meta!Cedric ♥♥♥ -Cedric

Shel Lupescu

What gentle dream? PhibbyRizo