The Mysterious Merchant


Most of Shale’s body is obscured by cloaks, wrappings, and a turban, but it is abundantly clear that he is far from human. What little was glimpsed of his face was unsettling as something seemed to move…wrongly…behind his veil.

Shale’s blood seems more akin to tar, and he was able to function with a large hole in his chest.


A mysterious, turbaned man who first appeared on the southbound Lightning Rail just before the Warforged attacked. Shale tried to buy the mysterious stone off of you with rather large rubies.

Shale seems to be a cold, calculating individual, but nothing is really known about him, other than he hails from a place known as Leng.

Shale has demonstrated a number of concerning powers. His very touch corroded a large warforged and extended contact mutated a temple guard into a monster. Shale seems to teleport in and out at his leisure. He seems rather resistant to pain and damage, never dropping his indifferent demeanor.

Shale recently gave some insight into what the Warforged wanted the diadem for, and even handed you a piece of it to hold for him. Shale seems to not have noticed the party’s animosity towards him, having not dropped the ‘warm indifference’ he has shown since your first meeting, even after being attacked.

He traveled with the party in “Larri the Inscruitable”’s tower, paying them handsomely to accompany them. Once the madstone was acquired from Larri he demanded it and the other items of the diadem, offering to pay for them but otherwise remaining insistent. Things turned violent after that, and he was temporarily sent back to wherever it was he came from—presumably Leng.

He seems like a pretty cool guy to me. -Gareth
I have concerns about your standards for “pretty cool”. -Cedric


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