The smarmiest quori of them all


Fahrezz’Ress seems to be at the forefront of yet another organization bent on relieving you of your items (as well as another chasing Jaela). He seems to have ties to deth’Ruki, but it is clear that they are far from friends. He also seems to have a history with Pneumonia’s sister, but claims to not remember anything about her. Fahrezz heads the Dreaming Dark in their efforts to gain the Diadem and has admitted that the Silver Flame is being puppeteered by them.

Farezz is condescending, boisterous, and has an annoying sense of humor. He doesn’t let slights go easily and isn’t above making a cheap shot. This includes possessing the body of a young girl just to get at the more rigidly moral members of the group.

Fahrezz’s looks very depending on his host body, but his striking green eyes are a call sign of his. His true form looks like a cloak made of tentacles that glows with an emerald light.

Known Aliases:
Ferris Silvermire, Paladin of the Silver Flame (deceased)
“Number 47” (deceased)

Not only unsavory, but clearly not above stooping so low as to embarrass one in front of their mother. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM SLOWLY AND ENJOY IT. —Cedric

Came very close. Knows too much. May be a liability.


What gentle dream? PhibbyRizo