Anna Renae Debra-Wellington Applefield

15 year old Human female Commoner


Anna’s grandfather was a member of the Dragon Marked guild of Handling, but was dismissed when he chose a farm girl of his clan mates. Two generations later Anna was born, whom gave quite a surprise when she popped out for she had the Handling mark on her chest. Growing up it was not so bad, she had a natural nack for animals, and has even been seen befriending and talking to them. But when she hit about 12, things started changing. She began to learn what the mark was, and more importantly, what it meant. News traveled that Anna’s grandfathers son had a child of his own, and the Guild soon found out. While growing up Anna recalled very stern looking people coming to visit but never payed them any mind, they were very rude and mean, after all. She learned they were from the Guild, and were checking on the kid, trying to learn if she had the Mark or not. Anna was always told to hold up in her room while these guests came over, find something to occupy her time with till they left and never to speak with them.

She was easy enough to please, a farm girl had plenty to do around the house, but she was especially fond of creating. She picked up carving tools at an early age along with some Alchemy related books. Over the years she would be guilty of nearly burning the farm down, scaring the horses, and blinding the chickens. She would rig up traps as pranks for her family, trip-wires that would dump a bucket of eggs on the person who tripped it, pressure plates that would launch a pillow at you from across the room, things like that.

When Anna was a little girl, she was in the town feeling particular down that day. She just got a scolding from her parents for trying to steal the chickens eggs, when a Elven woman with long golden hair and dazzling green eyes approached her. She had a blue cape, and wore a hood that shaded her face. She bend down and handed Anna small doll and told her that this doll would help her feel better, that it would protect her if she ever needed it. The doll had medium length black hair, pointed ears and green eyes just like the elf and wore a moody expression. She went on to say that the dolls name was, “Mr. Grouchypants”
She has had that doll with her ever since, whenever she feels down, she holds it close and for whatever reason, it has always made her feel better, like she had a guardian protecting her.

Anna enjoyed trying to help out around the farm by inventing new gadgets. they never worked, mind you, and in fact only ever made things more difficult. Everybody kind of stopped trusting her gadgets after the “automatic potato peeler” and the “steam powered horse assisted plow” both nearly blew somebody arms off.

When Anna was 15 she was in town gathering some supplies when she noticed a flier posted in the market. It spoke of Treasure, adventure, and an easy job. It just looked to good to be true! She decided she was going to take this opportunity. That night she told her family what her plan was, and while they were sad to hear her desire to leave, they were revealed at the same time. She gathered her savings, and what little the family could offer her, gathered her most important possessions, (Her journal and Mr. Grumpypants) and caught the carriage to the train station early the next day.

Anna hopes that with this adventure she will be able to bring back a fair amount of money for her family and really help the farm along, it is in desperate need of repair. She is strong and confident, and overall, stubborn. She does not let failure get in her way, no matter how big the setback. She will always get back up and keep on walking.

Anna Renae Debra-Wellington Applefield

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