What gentle dream?

Pneumonia: Sisterly Advice

Everyone is upset now. They all seem so sad.

Dearest sister you have much to learn of outsiders… Their weakness will lead to their downfall, just as it destroyed that foolish child.

I wish I could have helped.

You have no reason to concern yourself with their lives… This is only the beginning, many more will die… You see, carelessness leads to death… Death has taught me a great deal about my errors in life… If I was more cautious I would not have lost my body… I need a new one… Focus on this task… Tears are a waste of precious time neither of us have… You can only sustain me a couple more years as you are now… We need to find a way to get my body back…

We need their help, they are fr… companions. We shouldn’t abandon them.

Not, if I am revived… You know how to destroy my murderer now… We have the answer we were seeking… Together we are unstoppable… Soon they will serve no purpose to us… Unless perhaps you can trick them… Yes, they can help us restore my body… If any of them survive this… We’ll destroy those dreaming freaks and restore my beautiful self… Then I can, have my way with them…



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