What gentle dream?

Pneumonia: Lapdance

I joined the clergy for a period of time. It wasn’t as fun as being a conductor or dancer, but clerics have nice wardrobes; at least these ones did. Wearing silly clothes and talking about pointless things was fun for awhile and I may even come back some day and try again. I found out about crow’spen and his big tower. He is a bad guy blah blah blah, we have to kill him. Really, we could just lock him in a room so they could talk him to death. I decided the easiest way to move was to go look for myself. So I became one of the priesty things and walked about. Later I climbed the big tower and found a big bony man and Gareth’s mom. It is a small world after all, never know who will turn up in what tower. After I found where Crosben slept I relayed the information to Gareth and the whoevers else that were loitering in is room. Then we all went shopping so we could make the people good at climbing that weren’t so good at climbing while entering the previously described tower of which I had climbed before so that we can kill Cruffin in his sleep. Theoretically.



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