What gentle dream?

Pneumonia: Bug Catcher

This week we are on safari. I need a hat to keep out the jungle sun. There were some elves playing in the forest with the clankers. Their party was crashed by giant Gareth and Cedric was sad cause he wanted to play with them. Then there was some giants that we all made friends with and let us sample some of the local cuisine. We explored some old ruins where we met Chuck the Fifth. Chuck the fifth almost ate Gareth. Gareth should try harder not to get eaten. Getting eaten is no good. After visiting with Chuck the Fifth we met up Old Willy the giant Ghost. Willy was grumpy as usual. Taz got scared of Willy and ran away and hid on the stairs. Eventually we robbed an old lady while she was sleeping. I don’t think she is going to miss her stuff much. She said she was sleeping for a really long time. She told me how to use the magic doohickey that beats up the baddies. Then Anna died but we had places to go, so it was back to our safari for us. Taz has been getting funny lately, not haha funny, the other kind. We ran into more clankers on our safari and Cedric made friends with one of them. The others didn’t share the sentiment. The really big clanker seemed to be particularly begrudging towards us. So I put her in my pocket. Later on we can talk about the civil way in which a lady should act towards strangers. Stepping on people isn’t proper.



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