What gentle dream?

Memoirs of an ex Vento Mortis: Sally

A real shame. All those years of training to be the best, and I still can’t read that little brat. Sadly, I think my beloved sister has outlived her usefulness. Getting rid of her is going to be a pain. I honestly hoped she would see things my way. It really would have been be easier that way. What is a girl to do? I do look forward to having a body again; never was much for sharing. It will take some getting used to, but I’m sure I’ll have it up to par in no time. I’m reminded of what master used to say, “If you can’t have what you want, take what you can get.” Besides a meat shell is a meat shell. The only real problem I forsee is Sarah. Sarah is not going to be happy losing her pet. I really wish I was there to see her face when she heard her baby got hitched to some bruiser she barely knows. I know somebody died a very painful death that day, and there really is nothing quite like good old fashioned murder to relieve stress; or to celebrate a happy occasion, like the joining of two fools. Bound to the eternal wind so their spirits can meet in the afterlife. I think I’ll just stick with living forever and leave the sentiment to the dead.
Killing someone from the inside out will be a first. She won’t make it easy, she’ll fight. I still have a few tricks she doesn’t know about so I’m not terribly concerned. If I’m lucky I can catch her by surprise. She is very confused right now. It is an opportunity I may not get again.



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