What gentle dream?

Cedric: Epilogue

Although he was somewhat reluctant to do so, Cedric soon returned home to his family and their estate in Audnair to tell of his journey, explain his continued service to Lady Jaela, and introduce Shel. The reunion, news, and meeting were characterized by a mix of celebration and angry shouting. Eventually, the former won out. This happened just in time for Taz to arrive, demanding an audience and dinner with Cedric that he happily gave her.

They enjoyed a properly fancy meal, and she told him a secret that surprised but did not disturb him. In fact, he was somewhat relieved to be able to make sense of the things she’d said to him before, and glad that she trusted him enough to divulge such information.

After a month with his family, Cedric left for Thrane and began his service for Lady Jaela in earnest. He was beside her when she appointed Gareth as a cardinal, and held back whatever protests he may have had, feeling it was not his place. (He was secretly glad for the chance to see more of his friend beyond their occasional meetings, regardless.) Cedric remained strictly at Lady Jaela’s side for quite some time, less for her protection and more for his own education. Slowly, he has been learning to harness his temper and to balance mercy and justice.

Six months later he and Shel married, with his mother’s chagrined blessing. Some friends did not attend the ceremony for obvious reasons, while others were not invited but arrived regardless. More than a few guests recall the food being quite good, but that it caused them to be uncharacteristically drowsy. Now, more than a year later, the pair has an infant daughter, Kithara. Her eyes are startlingly bright silver and her hair is gold, streaked and tipped with a strange silver-blue. Her skin is scattered with patches of black scales. The three of them are quite happy in their home in Thrane, and make visits to the Montique Estate in Aundair when possible.

Cedric has continued to change the stirrings of his blood into something useful and even holy, much to the surprise of some. As an ambassador for the Sovereign Host he speaks often with officials within the Church of the Silver Flame, and enjoys long, religious conversations with them. He takes frequent assignments in and outside of Thrane, many of which happily reunite him with his friends. He has led his first of what he hopes will be many crusades into the Demon Wastes to fight or convert the demons there, and recover artifacts of times long passed.

In short, he is happy.



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