What gentle dream?

Cedric: Entry 24

Things have been exceedingly eventful as of late. We encountered the Lord of Blades and after engaging him in combat, were able to wrest the stone from him. It was no easy feat, but we all survived and fared well enough. However I have concerns about Terra’s ability to function within a group, and her propensity for rash behavior. She makes my own temper seem calm in comparison, I fear. However, she holds some grudging respect for Gareth, and he has agreed to help keep her cooperative, as it were. He has likewise agreed to help keep Pneu in line.

To speak of Gareth for a moment, we had a wonderfully constructive conversation regarding faith, heroics, and our fates after this journey has finished. Speaking with him invariably clears my mind, and as always I am reminded how grateful I am for our friendship. I believe it will not be exceedingly difficult to continue it, although I will perhaps need to make greater efforts to assist him with his personal difficulties. He can be a good man; he must simply find the desire and courage to be one.

In case things had gone awry with the Lord of Blades we asked Shel and Seeker to travel with the carriage to a border town with the Madstone in tow. Travel to this town was not exceedingly difficult although it was pressing, especially after I spoke with Fahrezz one evening and learned that Shale had contacted Shel. I also learned a great deal about the movements of the Quori, and the political state within Thrane.

Once we reunited with Shel and Seeker we conversed with Shale, and negotiated a means of assuring his un-involvement in matters: he requires that we kill his employer. While I would normally balk at such a mercenary task, in this case it is acceptable given the nature of this employer. Additionally, Shale agreed to aid us with the Quori should it prove necessary, and gave me a glowing green stone of similar texture to the Madstone with which to call him with.

After we parted, we were quick to travel to meet with Queen Diani of Thrane, in her summer home of Silvercliff Castle. Her daughter had been made the next Keeper of the Flame and thus Krozen’s pawn, much to her dismay. We spoke and she provided us with a means for us to enter Flamehold. Once there we left Taz and Penu to scout the behavior of Krozen and the new Keeper. The remainder of us stayed within the confines of Queen Diani’s castle for nearly week while they did so. At the end of this time we formulated a plan, and will be carrying it out shortly. I have concerns about the parts of it that involve scaling walls, but with luck the potions Taz procured for us will effectively assist us with that.



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